This Page Last Updated: January 21, 2019

$4000 Winner

$1000 to Runner-up
$500 to Semis
$250 to 1/4's

DXP235 Rules 2019

* Must have working lights, stock appearing interior, carpet, door panels, factory style dash, stock floor pans, and stock firewall.
-No body components, bumper add-ons, etc. permitted with the intent of increasing the distance of the front bumper for the purposes of breaking the infrared beams (i.e. no “extenders”)

Must be mass produced. No test or one off tires, any
* 26x8.5x15 m/t pn 3052 bias ply slick
* 235x60x15 m/t pn 3450 ET Street S/S
*26x8.5x15 m/t pn 3352R/3052R Pro Bracket Radial

* No wheelie bars.
* All vehicles must retain the complete factory frame rails. Notching for rear tire clearance is permitted.
* Stock suspension or ladders bars only
*coil-overs ok

* Single type power adder only. All combos
No multiple stages permitted.*
No progressive controllers or Digisets
No banking of fogger nitrous system
No Pusher systems of any kind (No NANO or similar), No nitrous chillers (NO COLD
Bar type plates only
Cross bar style plates limited to single nitrous solenoid

All nitrous solenoid grounds must be grounded in engine compartment, visible, and easily traceable to the power source. (In plain sight)
No "leaking" nitrous in any way in any location.
Must have perfectly round jet orifice. No modified jets
Purge plume must be entirely outside of the engine bay and
directed upward.
Big Block Nitrous entries maximum jetting
1 jet .076
2 jets .053
8 jets .026
Small Block Nitrous entries maximum jetting
1 jet .082
2 jets .057
8 jets .028
Small Block Nitrous entries maximum jetting (8.2 Deck/2V mod motor ONLY!!!)
1 jet .092
2 jet .065
8 jet .032
* Max cast turbo size 76mm measured tip to tip. Compressor inducer will not exceed 76 mm Compressor Exducer will not exceed 102 mm Turbine will be 96 mm X 88 mm. The Borg Warner S400SX4 S475 1.32 a/r with T6 flange fits into this category. (No reducers allowed to achieve this size and no clipped wheels) V6 and 4cyl permitted billet wheel. (see additional notes below)
* You may be required at any time to remove your turbo and/or your turbo cover to be checked.
* Maximum supercharger sizes D1, V-7 JTB Trim, NOVI 2000, Kenny Bell 3.6, F1A-91,YSic
* 6-71 blowers (street style – B&M type) Sb only
* No gear drives – belt driven only
* Air to water, Air to air intercooler OR water meth injection allowed. Can only run 1 style intercooler
* A single line from the manifold to the wastegate only
* Nothing else to top of wastegate or blow off valve
* Mufflers required on all entries except turbo cars. Bull horns prohibited
* Big block OE passenger car block or aftermarket block 600 cu in Maximum
* Big blocks limited to stock valve angle/stock port layout/no raised runner. Big Chief/Big Duke style and Ford C head prohibited Call or PM for approved heads.
* Cylinder heads for SB limited to, 23 degree Chevrolet, 15 degree LS, 18 degree Mopar, 20 degree Ford, OEM Ford casting 4v Modular, any 2v Modular, Trick Flow Twisted Wedge and LS 13.5 OK
* All cylinder heads must maintain the automobile OEM intake manifold bolt pattern.
* Sheet metal or tunnel ram intakes manifolds not permitted.
* Single carb or throttle body
*SB Limited to 440 cubic inch BB Limited to 600 cu in (over 572 add +3 lbs. per cubic inch)
* Gasoline or E85 are the only fuels permitted. Methanol only allowed in a 50/50 mix with water and is considered an intercooler.

* Any ignition or EFI permitted.
* No traction control devices of ANY kind.
* No progressive nitrous controllers allowed.
* No boost controllers allowed. Solenoids must be removed from car
* No Digisets

* SB naturally aspirated - 2700
* SB nitrous - 8.2 deck or modular 3000
* SB nitrous - 3050 see bottom for weights
* SB cast turbo - 3250
* 6 Cyl turbo - 3200
* 6 Cyl any listed supercharged/Blower – 3000
* SB D1, V-7 JTB Trim, NOVI 2000, Kenny Bell 3.6 - 3000
* SB F1A (91 series) 3100
* SB YSI cast - 3250
* BB NA 3000
* BB nitrous 3250
*4cyl VW 1600
*4cyl turbo manual trans 2025
*4cyl turbo auto trans 2225
*Inline 6 turbo manual trans 2900
*Inline 6 turbo auto trans 3100
* No AWD vehicles
* Deduct 50lbs for 235 S/S radial (any combo can take weight break)
* Deduct 50lbs for SBC and SBF Stock block. No deductions for Mod and
LS Stock block. Deduct 50 lbs. Stock 7.4L/9.8 deck and smaller factory block
* Deduct 50lbs for 6AL or equivalent box with no add on.
* Deduct 50lbs. for non-intercooled
* Add 50lbs for BBF A head
* Add 50lbs for All* SB Highport, Ford TFS-R, TFS Highport
* Add 75 lbs. for All SB Nitrous 20 degree high port SR20 –FT1 or T1RI or equivalent, 15* SBF and SBC Nitrous 18* and 23* raised runner heads. No turbo/ supercharger combos with these heads.
With all the new heads that are coming out, we will look at them and adjust periodically. Add 200 lbs. for Ultra Street Cast 76 mm turbo
Engine diapers are mandatory
ANYONE caught cheating will be banned from all DXP events
DXP Series reserves the right: If one combo has a significant advantage, we will look at the rules and adjust them accordingly.