This Page Last Updated: Dec. 7, 2016

$4000 Winner

$1000 to Runner-up
$500 to Semis
$250 to 1/4's



Class Description
NITROUS X is a heads-up class designed for passenger cars and trucks from a major manufacturer weighing a minimum of 2850 pounds. Powered by SMALL BLOCKS ONLY with a maximum cubic inch limit of 470 cubic inches. Nitrous only - One 10/15lb. nitrous bottle only. Purge must be redundant in-line with nitrous supply line and with only one continuous -8 supply line from bottle to solenoid.

Class Weights:
All vehicles competing start min weight at 2850 LBS
All Head combinations weights are as follows
All heads 10.9 degree and/or canted - non inline head and under will add 50 LBS
All heads 11 degree and above no weight penalty
All heads with stock valve angle but raised intake and/or exhaust ports remove 25 LBS
All heads with stock valve angle and standard intake and/or exhaust ports remove 50 LBS
Deduct 75 lbs. with any plate system not used additionally with a fogger system
Deduct 75 lbs. with any 4150 based carb/ throttle body or small SV1 and 4150 intake combo (no adapter) MUST BE 4150 INTAKE FROM MANUFACTURER
Deduct 25 lbs. for any 4150 carb or throttle body on 4500 series intake
Sheet metal intake add 50 lbs.
Cast tunnel ram intake add 25 lbs.
N/A Small Block 2500 any intake permitted

After Market blocks and cylinder heads allowed, stock bore space. Single carburetor/throttle body or sheet metal/cast tunnel ram with two 4150 carbs (see weight add on). Motor plates and solid mounts allowed. Engine in stock location and must not touch firewall. Mufflers required on all vehicles no inserts. Turbochargers and superchargers are not allowed. Alcohol is Not allowed. Engine diaper/retention device required.

Stock body lines must be retained. Fiberglass limited to hood, doors, fenders, deck lid, and bumpers unless equipped from factory with plastic or glass panels. Cowl hood scoops allowed but must not protrude to halfway point of windshield. Forward facing hood scoops allowed. Lexan allowed on front windshield, sides, and rear window, and trucks may replace rear window with lexan to allow for roll bar. Factory appearing grill and headlights required. Notching rules will be final by Tech officials. Factory floor pans required front to rear of drivers seat and may be notched for sub-frame connectors, fuel pump, fuel cell, shock exit, battery mount, wheel base must be within plus or minus one inch of factory specifications. Patch panels permitted.

Full Interior required this includes factory type dash, dash pad, door panels, carpet, stock or aftermarket steering column. Front seats may be replace with approved safety type racing seats but must be in stock location (single seat okay). Rear seat may be removed but all floor pan must be covered, Dash pad may be notched for roll bar clearance. Nitrous bottles must have approved safety vent if mounted in passenger compartment or trunk but not required if mounted in the bed of truck. Tech decisions final on placement.

Front chassis and suspension
Stock front frame rails (*Smith Racecraft type sub frame acceptable for 1st and 2nd gen Camaro/Chevy II and other similar vehicles) and stock suspension required. Cutting of frame rails forward of motor plate allowed. Aftermarket K-members control arms and bushings allowed as long as they bolt into the stock locations and utilize control arms when equipped. Aftermarket manual steering gear boxes and rack and pinions allowed. Aftermarket springs and struts allowed. Coil over Kits allowed.
*Aftermarket bolt in sub-frame allowed. These bolt on sub-frames must be from a manufacture with designated company part numbers and must be produced for the vehicle they were designed for from the manufacturer.

Factory dimension.
This will be the method tech will use to determine factory dimension.
We will measure from lower corner of door jamb to center of rear axle. From center of rear axle to center of front spindle

Ride Height
3" Ride height in front of front tires based on NHRA/IHRA rule book.

Rear Chassis suspension
Stock rear frame rails and ladder bar or stock suspension required. Minor notching allowed Tech decisions final. Bolt on traction aids only. No four links allowed. Aftermarket control arms, springs , and shocks allowed - control arms must utilize stock mounting points on frame rails. Relocation of shocks with coil over package allowed. Sectioned factory tubs or Mini Tubs are allowed Tech decision final. Aftermarket full wheel tubs prohibited.

Stock Firewall must be retained and in factory location. Minor notching allowed. Smoothing of firewall allowed for appearance.

Any OEM type automatic or manual transmissions allowed.

Headlights and taillights required and must be functional. Electric bracket racing aids optical sensors or pneumatic throttle stop not allowed. Any ignition allowed.

Wheels and tires
All Vehicles must race on 275 drag radial or 28 x 12.50 ET Street or 28 x 10.5 slicks (includes the radial slick) or smaller sidewall designation No W tires allowed. Maximum 12'' wide wheel

sponsorship decal limited to windows and rear quarter panels Hood scoop and front bumper and both side of wing only

General rules
Deep staging allowed. All vehicles must cross over scales after every qualifying and elimination rounds.
All qualifying and elimination will be .400 pro tree and placed on a pro ladder.
No wheelie bars.
Crew members must exit the starting line after vehicle makes pass.
Rules may be revised / changed as need arises. All tech decisions are final.