Winner : $2,500.00

Stock style and general shape car / truck bodies. Must have working taillights.
Must have engine diaper.
Front extension not to exceed 6 inches from factory bumper Courtesy staging and Auto Start will be in effect Bye runs- Must take tree under vehicle’s power Tech officials have final discretion on all rules on race day
Must race 1st round to get 1st round loss payout No split dominator/ carbs EFI ok No blowers No turbos No 5" bore space Progressives allowed (no 250 Lbs. weight break for single kit) - ALL nitrous at launch or no break.

Outlaw ladder will be run. 16-1, 15-2, etc.
If not full field, blanks will be loaded for unfilled spots.
2 qualifying runs required. 1st round of eliminations - Opponent broke competitor must notify official timer (in tower) or race director no later than one hour prior to call for first round of eliminations. If this is done, an alternate will be placed in the last qualifying position, ladder will be reprinted. If closer than one hour prior to call for first round, opponent broke bye will be run. Must take tree and be qualified car to receive first round money.


Car & Driver Weights
632 cubic inch limit (up to 640 ok)
3000 lbs Small block 2550 lbs Natural Aspirated No minimum weight


Weight Deductions - All Cars

Smaller tire than 28 x 10.5 - 50 lbs Big block convention heads - 100 lbs Single carb
50 lb Single kit - No Progressives with weight break - big block - 250 lbs Single kit -
No Progressives with weight break - small block - 200 lbs

Dispite combination of weight deductions minimum big block weight is 2700 lbs
Despite combination of weight deductions minimum small block weights is 2350 lbs

This class will be kept as a 4.60+ class. Rules will be updated accordingly.